How to install a comercial VPN like Cyber Ghost

a have an Account for VPN at “Cyber Ghost” with a microsoft OS. There is a possibility to use it in
Linux to - therefor I downloaded a Linux version for Ubuntu. Now my Questions:

  1. How to insall it in Manjaro (xface) ?
  2. Can I use it along “Open VPN” ?
  3. How to config it ?
    Dank an alle !


Commercial software provides support because you pay for it. Ask them please!

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According to their site they dont support Arch linux or Arch based distros, they dont even support the latest Ubuntu 20.04 or Mint 20. The source code is not available so you cant build from source and I cant find a tutorial to configure Wireguard/OpenVPN manually. There is also no AUR package.

All you can do is use a tool like debtap and take a risk which I wouldnt do or CANCEL your subscription and look for a VPN that actually supports Linux and is open source!

Ps. Its owned by Kape Technologies, an Israeli company which is far from trustworthy.

You can simply generate an openvpn config on their website (other devices section if remember correctly), import it in networkmanager and set user and password.

Not sure if it is working ok with latest openvpn version again though. I did have some issues after an update and finally switched to nordvpn.

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Cyberghost does work with openvpn but if you want a GUI tool to switch between servers, I suggest switching to Mullvad. There is a client in the AUR and it has worked flawlessly for 2 years now.

Hi, i have CyberGhost on few devices and today I managed to install and setup in on my pc witch Manjaro.
Instruction below:

  1. Login on Your account on CyberGhost website and add device Linux, chose CentOS CLI version and download it.
  2. Make sure You have installed: iptables openvpn easy-rsa and all dependencies.
  3. Unpack cyberghostvpn-centos-7-1.3.4 and go to this folder in terminal.
  4. In terminal: sudo chmod +x
  5. In terminal: sudo and fallow instructions
  6. In treminal: sudo cyberghostvpn --setup and provide Your CyberGhost account details
  7. In terminal: sudo cyberghostvpn --help to see available options
  8. In terminal: sudo cyberghostvpn --country-code GB --connect and check on any IP check website to this work (You can use any country for example: US, PL, etc.)
  9. To check: sudo cyberghostvpn --status
  10. To disconnect: sudo cyberghostvpn --stop

To check available servers:
sudo cyberghostvpn --country-code --torrent
sudo cyberghostvpn --country-code --traffic
sudo cyberghostvpn --country-code --streaming

Work for me on Manjaro Linux stable branch on kernels: 5.10, 5.9, 5.4 (31.12.2020 20:21 UK time)
Have nice day and enjoy Your Cyberghost :slight_smile:

Sorry for any language mistakes but english is my second language (main - polish).