How to insert Code?

Please Pardon Me if this is something I know how to do since I have been on this Forum since I been here back in later 2015.

I did get Temp Banned once before the Hosting Company complete lost all of the Forum Data. And this resulting in the Users having to recreate their User Accounts.

Not to get off the subject here. But the question I need to ask is:

How do Put Code in Properly into my replies? Did the Forum change the Method Recently?

I rather formatting codes to do this as that will always work. Like ** will emphasized text as an example.

Use three backticks ` in separate lines before and after your code lines, or mark the text and then use </> button.


What do you mean by mark the text? Like your are to copy the text by mouse/arrow keys?

Mark, select, highlight - how can you not understand what is meant with mark a text?

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I had said highlight then I wouldn’t asked.

OK, no prob. :sweat_smile:

Thank You for the Reminder. I don’t know why but I keep forgetting that is there.

I’ll just use the three Ticks before and after any Code.

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