How to insert a command from a terminal on the forum?

I have a question, how to insert a terminal command in a post on frum so that it is visible and possible to copy?

Type three backticks — i.e. `, not ’ – followed by a newline, then paste the output on the next line, then insert another newline and type three backticks again.

Alternatively, you can click the </> button in the toolbar of the post editor. :wink:

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The Manjaro Discourse forum uses Commonmark. Here’s a cheatsheet.

To answer your specific question, I either use code blocks or quote blocks.

code block


code block


> quote block


quote block

NOTE: The bracket syntax is actually bbcode. I think this might be a Discourse addon, but not sure.

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Overall repeating what has been said above.


Thank you very much for help :slight_smile:

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