How to "image" a Manjaro machine

Which “imaging” software should I use for Manjaro?

By “imaging” I mean preserving into a file the state of an OS partition at a given time so that if, an insoluble problem should occur, you could at least revert to that earlier time.

For Windows, I have used Ghost, Acronis True Image, and Macrium Reflect.

For Linux general search has turned up such names as the dd command and Clonezilla.

If imaging is a concept for Windows, and there is better practice or approach for Manjaro, I would also like to hear about that. Thanks.


is my personal choice while it’s able to generate a 100%-clone of a drive but there are a whole of other different choices that might be more comfortable.
the only advice ( learned it by the hard way) is to use a external device that is only used for backup and restoring and is disconnected if not in use so it cannot be harmed/destroyed if a technical issue happens.

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I use Rescuezilla, kind of Clonezilla light with an easy understandable UI.

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Sounds attractive. Especially the interoperability with Clonezilla.

I’ve been using it for a couple of years now, doing an image about once a month. Done several restores and it has always worked. The developer is also very accommodating.

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