How to go back to pulseaudio?

Hello guys,

my pipewire keeps crashing in combination with bluetooth and pulseeffects. Therefore I want to go back to pulseaudio.
As I understand it should be enough to remove/replace manajaro-pipewire with its dependencies and other pipewire packages like gst-plugin-pipewire and pipewire-media-session. As replacement I would install manjaro-pulse. Is there anything else I need to be aware of?



Hey, I have the same problem as well but I’m not able to remove the said packages or install pulseaudio. There are a ton of dependencies and trying to remove those dependencies forces me to remove gdm and a bunch of other essential packages. I’m not sure what to do as well…

Should be as easy as just replacing manjaro-pipewire with manjaro-pulse

sudo pacman -S manjaro-pulse

That should prompt you to replace the package and their dependencies.

The manjaro-pipewire package and its dependencies form like a dependency circle.
With exact dependencies on gnome I can’t help you. :pensive:

This probably won’t help you anymore because you likely have moved on, but I had the same problem and found this thread via search engines. Here’s how I fixed it on my system: Cannot go back from pipewire to PulseAudio - #2 by ishaanbhimwal