How to globally change Papirus folders' color?

Browsing in /usr/share/icons i noticed there are lots of colors for Papirus icons, but in Tweaks -> Appearance I can just choose between greenish and blueish icons. I was wondering if there was a way to globally change the color of the icons. I know the existence of folder-color-nautilus-bzr (AUR) but it just changes single icons.

There's a package called papirus-folders that does this, which is essentially a bash script. If you look on the GitHub you'll find instrutions for how to use it, as well as a link for the AUR version. I haven't personally used this package on Manjaro yet, from the Arch repository, so I can't speak to how well it functions.


No luck with that script... guess I have to stick with green. Thanks anyway!

EDIT -- the solution provided by @Aulio works. Just be sure to check the Papirus-Dark theme is enabled for the icons under Tweaks -> Appearance.

Did you install papirus-folders-git from AUR?

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