How to get Touchpad Gesures and Tapping(Manjaro KDE)?

how can i get proper touchpad gestures in kde?
as of now i can only do a 2 finger scroll, i cant even do a 2 finger pinch zoom

is there any way i can get 3-4 finger tapping like windows or 3-4 finger swipe gesture like in MacOS??


You might try this. This is the solution I found in the old forums last year. xf86-input-synaptics is the old touchpad driver from what I understand. My laptop touch pad was acting drunk and many functions were not working. I installed this and rebooted. My touchpad work as expected for me.

System wide solution that works for me is libinput-gestures. By default this is just a service + text config file, if you’re not comfortable editing that, install gestures as well, but I’m not sure how versatile the GUI is vs what you can do by editing the config file by hand. I don’t use much, just pinch to zoom the whole desktop and 3 finger swipe to open the task gridview.

Alternatively, there’s also fusuma and app specific support (like Google Chrome, it just works there). I never use fusuma so I can’t tell so have yourself a little read then trial and error.

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You will need a combination of libinput-gestures and this GUI tool to register your gestures with actions.

Why there is no default Touchpad Gestures with Manjaro? Nowadays it’s should be shipped with it.