How to get Steam to "iconify" to notification area

For some reason a few updates ago the behaviour of Steam changed in my Manjaro XFCE install, the Steam Client would simply minimize to the taskbar instead of the notification area.

To fix this, edit /usr/bin/steam and switch line 8 from:




Here’s a shell one-liner to do it:

sudo sed -i '8s/=0/=1/' /usr/bin/steam

(This uses sed to look at line 8 and replace the =0 text with =1)

You may have to re-set this on future updates of Steam.

Keep in mind the warning in the comment text:

# default to minimize on close, so we never have a running steam process
# in the background because of a broken Tray Icon on some desktops/WM

I streamlined the instructions to be Manjaro-specific.

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Thank you for the revisions and polish. Far more concise and relevant to Manjaro now, although your edits make me “seem” far more savvy than I actually am about these things. :wink:

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After update the line changed to
Changing "-0" to "-1" still works.

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