How to get notified of new LTS kernel (or auto-update to latest LTS kernel)?

I am still on 5.15 and don’t remember ever receiving a notification of a newer LTS kernel.
How can I get a notification?

My Notification settings (unchanged for over a year):
Screenshot from 2023-04-08 16-38-59

Since the OS is setup to sent emails for example for smartd and cron, best would be to receive an email to the default configured alias.

But automatically updating to the latest LTS kernel when pamac is run or via Add/Remove programs > update would also be nice.

Currently, there is no way for me knowing a new LTS is available. I have to check myself + update myself.

The notifier may need adjustment - personally I don’t use notification for packages - I update at my own pace.

No there is no default which send mail - you can do it if you like - but no default.

Moving from one kernel to another is at the user’s discretion

That is normal - updates within a specific release follows the usual package update - new kernels is installed when the user think it’s necessary.

The kernel is the most crucial part of the system - therefore no automatic roll-over to the next kernel.

Using Arch Linux you are forced a new kernel - you don’t have a choice when the next release hits the repo.

That is my primary reason for using Manjaro.

If your system works well - there is no reason to update - just for the sake of update.

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With “send to default” I just meant the default email alias configured in /etc/aliases after adding SMTP server to msmtp following arch wiki.

So it seems the Manjaro Notifier might need some work.

For my home pc I would love to have a way to use commands to check for & automatically install if available a newer LTS kernel. Does such a command exist?

I already use needrestart which sends me an email when a reboot is necessary.

Uncheck the top two you do not want unsupported kernels check the two under check new kernels generally the recommended one is the latest lts one.

@robin0800 Huh?
Are you referring to my screenshot?
Did you read the message? I didn’t receive any notification… also, this is default settings. What you are saying would make sense if it was default. But that’s not relevant or the point of this topic.

Yes your screen shot, as it is set now any new kernel should notify you.
Well there must be something wrong if you get no notifications

Dude, did you actually read this topic? ?

@papajoke @thingsiplay I was wondering if you guys still use this script:

I tried it but it does not return anything. I tried command by command but already had trouble not getting an output from the first command.
I would like to get it working and then slightly modify it, as all I need is a warning about a newer LTS kernel, regardless of the status of the currently installed kernel.

You can use a python script.

There is feed reader parsers - so all you have to do is to parse the xml returned from

I’m sure there is. But I have no programming skills, don’t know anything about Python or feeds. I can do some light bash scripting that’s all :sweat_smile:

It is easier than you think


sudo pacman -Syu python-feedparser

create a python file e.g.


With content


import feedparser

d = feedparser.parse('')
for f in d['entries']:

Run it

$ python ~/
6.3: mainline
6.3.1: stable
6.2.14: stable
6.1.27: longterm
5.15.110: longterm
5.10.179: longterm
5.4.242: longterm
4.19.282: longterm
4.14.314: longterm
next-20230505: linux-next