How to get latest out-of-box apps with upgrade

Hi there,
I've been using Manjaro for 2+ both on my laptop and PC. Sadly the hard drive of my laptop died last week so I had to get a new one and have Manjaro reinstalled.
That's when I noticed this interesting thing: while Manjaro is a rolling-update distribution, some different out-of-box apps comes with every "stable release", say 18.1.0, 18.1.1, or with different DE version (like Gnome 3.32, 3.34). I wonder how can I get these latest out-of-box apps with pacman -Syu command?
Thank you.

Please see:

The only thing really changing during ISO releases is the version numbers - sometimes themes get adjusted and new wallpapers gets added.

You get exactly the same versions.

If you want to be closer to upstream Arch - you need to switch branch :point_up_2: - unstable is the closest thing - and even that can be a couple of days later than Arch.

Change branch and download databases.

sudo pacman-mirrors -aS unstable  && sudo pacman -Syyu

Hi Marte,
Thank you for your help. Let me explain a little about my question.
For example, I installed Manjaro 18.0.1 at first, with this installation I got an app set (app 1, app 2, app 3). And I regularly upgrade my system via pacman -Syu till the latest version Manjaro 18.1.5. Now I have another newly installed Manjaro 18.1.5 with apps packed along with installation, say (app 2, app 3, app 4). How can I know what apps (like app 4) are newly rolled out with the latest Manjaro 18.1.5 while pacman or yaourt cannot just bring them to my face magically. It's more like a feature gap between different version. :slight_smile:

Unless you boot a live ISO to see what's new or changed - you can't.

Unlike Windows or macOS - Manjaro updates does not include installation of any application the maintainer found worthy of inclusion on the ISO.

That goes for snap, flatpak, bauh anything that may have been added recently.

Just search for FreeOffice and the - sometimes heated - debate surrounding the decision of changing the default installed Office suite.

The same goes with updates - and due to Manjaro like Arch - yet not as much - puts the user in charge - Manjaro will never add applications to an already installed system.


Not exactly true ... this can and has been done via things like dependencies.
I know I certainly got apparmor without ever asking for it.
(funny .. I just looked and it was installed as a dependency .. but there no longer is one .. :thinking:)

When you put it that way :slight_smile:

If you install manjaro-tools you will get snap installed whether you like it or not - so yes - if a packages gets a new dependency.

Maybe that count as installing new apps along the road :thinking:

..or name change ... my grub works different now because it is a different grub
(it was configured to be 'silent' but now it automatically shows grub menu because there is other OS - this is because installed grub has changed without my intervention)

..also could happen thru patch-set change .. and similar things for kernel.

But yes, what you said is still more true in than false general :wink:

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