How to get KDE Online Accounts in Settings to Work


If you want to use the KDE/Plasma KDE Online acounts system settings you have to install a bunch of small plugins.

  1. To get google account button visible install both of kaccounts-integration kaccounts-providers

  2. To get other on-line account buttons mostly for chat and messaging such as (AIM, ICQ,Jabber, KDE Talk, IBM Sometime, Gadu-Gadu, Office365/Lync, Telegram, Yahoo Messenger and Skype) to work install telepathy-kde-meta (which installs the rest of the needed things for this type of account.

  3. Webdav Accounts: You shouldn’t need to install anything extra for this to work, nor are there any plugins for system settings online accounts page yet.
    (You can try this directly in Dolphin by using the Network Places feature. For instance, to connect a free Yandex webdav drive you use your email name, and, and select use encryption, and then enter your password when asked. )

Just because you have successfully set up an account in the account page doesn’t mean it does anything yet. This is just a place holder for logins and passwords, etc. It doesn’t create any connections.

The info stored in the online accounts page will be used when you use other KDE programs, especially those in the KDE PIM Akonadi group of applications when configuring new accounts. I can’t vouch for the usability of this repository of accounts, but it is supposed to work. Its just that Manjaro sort of forgets to add all the pieces and parts when it installs KDE.


I have been attempting access to Google Drive via dolphin.

Can you please clarify whether akonadi needs to be installed and running before this can happen.

My queries are in this thread:


Akonadi is banned on my machines. I refuse to install it.

I have the following packages installed

I use Online Accounts in KDE System Settings to enter the specifics about my Google account. Also available via Dolphin New Account entry - see below.

In the Places Tab of Dolphin, Google Drives Appears.
This is also accessible in Places tab, Network, then Google Drives in the main window of dolphin.

Clicking that Google Drive shows “New Account” in the main Dolphin Window, as well as any previously defined accounts.

Clicking that New Account walks you through the steps to set up a Google Drive account. You can have more than one.

No akonadi needed.