How to get Broadcom wifi working

In case people are struggling with their broadcom wifi cards… This here is how I got it to work on my macbook air 2011, after observing what modules linux mint 21.x loaded etc. And, as far as I can tell, there was no internet needed. The system complained over non existing databases, but then proceeded with installation of the drivers just fine… Enough ramble, here we go.

Open a terminal
I didn't find any "automatic" way of doing this, so good old terminal to the rescue.
sudo pacman -U /run/miso/sfs/mhwdfs/opt/mhwd/pkg/linux515-rt-broadcom-wl-
Note that I used a custom built iso based on talking-mate, so I'll update this post if I find discs where it doesn't seem to work, or if people reply or whatever...
sudo modprobe -r b43
Just to be sure, let's remove the b43 module. Even if it's not loaded, better safe than sorry.
sudo modprobe wl
Let's load the module we just installed, and we should be nearly there.
sudo modprobe mac80211
I'm not even sure what kind of module this is, I saw it loaded within linux mint, so it gets loaded here too.
Add the wifi network connection
For some reason I had to manually add the wifi connection using the mate menu, but since that failed, I used the nmtui in the terminal. Once that was added everything worked...
There you go... It took me such a long time to figure this out, that I thought it would be better to write this all down for everyone including my future self... I was also trying to make a secondary option with all packages and databases in the dvd image, but i'm not there yet, first the files don't show up in the live session, and second now the dvd image seems to be too large for buildiso :slight_smile: