How to get all new features after update?



I don’t fresh install new Manjaro releases, just update my system to get new features.
But recently from the screenshots on Manjaro website I’ve noticed that updating the system does not give me all of the new features, as I thought.
These features are like new themes, new greeter, new wallpapers, and some new applications which I saw in screenshots but are not available on my system.
How can I update Manjaro and get all new features and applications which have been added recently?


If a new theme/wallpaper/greeter/application/whatever is used, you will obviously have to install it manually.
Your system will still be up to date, and still have all the new features.

That would be impractical. I would be very angry if an update changed my themes without asking.


I don’t want it to change my theme or wallpaper, etc., but want to have the option for choosing the new ones.
I’m not aware which themes, wallpapers or applications are newly added to the latest release.


New installations are simply a starting point for you to individualize then manage your own system.

Install once and maintain indefinitely.

ISO package profiles, themes and DE settings are a sane default, not a definitive setup … they will change and evolve over time.

If there are large changes (ie silent grub) then instructions will be give on how to manually switch without having to re-install.

If you want to change your DE appearance / layout / theme to match a new ISO you’ll have to do it manually.

If not sure how simply ask in the associated ISO announcement thread.


Thank you for good information.
What about newly added applications and features?
Would the update manager add them itself?


If you really want to know which packages are being updated or added then check each announcement thread before updating.

The complete package list will be there, including the previous version and new version number, as well as a verbal description if a major new app is added.

FWIW most Manjaro packages are maintained and built upstream in Arch anyways … you can use this link to keep track of package updates if you want to.


No, that wouldn’t make sense. Updates should update a system, and not change its applications.
What do you mean by “new features”?
An update gives you all the new features, but only for the apps that are already installed.
Sometimes manual intervention is required to “activate” those features.


Thank you.
For example, it looks kvantum is added to applications in the new release, but it is not present in previous releases.
So you should manually check every release and add these newly added applications if you want.
That would need lots of time and efforts I think.


Do you need or want kvantum?
You don’t have to use it.
Manjaro cannot simply add kvantum to a system which doesn’t have kvantum installed (unless it’s a dependency).


There should be a reason they have added such application to the new release.
Kvantum is just an example, there should also be some other applications which have been added to the new release to make life easier, but I’m not using them because I even don’t know they exist.
The point is letting users simply know what has been changed or added and let them decide to choose installing apps/features or not.


This is done in the “Announcements” section, for example here:


Thank you.
So I should check the “Announcements” section and all changed packages for each release.
I’m sometimes too lazy for doing that!

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