How to get access to the multiple inputs and outputs of a USB Audio Interface

So essentially just trying move away from Windows recently and right now just curious if there’s a way to get my Audio Interface (Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6) to expose more of its inputs and outputs to the OS and applications like Discord.

For example this is what I like to do in Windows with Discord as an example:

  • Input: Input 1/2 (Komplete Audio 6…)

  • Output for General Audio: Output 1/2 (Komplete Audio 6…)

  • Output for Discord Voice Chat: Output 3/4 (Komplete Audio 6…)

Right now in Manjaro/ Discord all I’m seeing is the audio interface listed just once with some options to customize if its 2.1, 4.1, etc. If there’s some way to get those additional routing options, please let me know. I’ve been tinkering with stuff like Jack, ALSA, etc. but not sure that’s going to do what I need (if it does great!). Let me know if I need to provide more info or screenshots of anything.

Jack may be the way to go. I recommend installing Cadence as a nice tool for controlling Jack; it has a patch bay Catia.

Thanks for the recommendation! Cadence is definitely pretty easy to work with. Latest challenge is now that only thing that I can get to appear in the patch bay from the audio interface is the MIDI input and output. So while that’s probably better than seeing nothing, still not great.

I assume the jack server is running? Audio cards may need configuring to use jack.

I’ve got the server running, I did have to resolve some errors I saw in the logs prior to that though. Also using the ALSA Driver and have the device and input/ output settings selected. Not really playing with the sample size, buffer size, etc. since that’s not really a priority at the moment. It is interesting that the GUI mentions it will default to the max input/ output channels based on what the device has and it selected 0 for both. Overriding it to anything else doesn’t do much.

Also as an aside did download Ardour (I have 0 previous experience with it but I used to use Ableton) and I think that is picking up the hardware inputs and outputs, but I could also be misunderstanding that.

Figured I’d update after some time spent experimenting. So had some success when tinkering with the Pulse Audio Profile. Basically followed this thread but found a config file for my card in /usr/share/alsa-card-profile/mixer/profile-sets/ so I copied that over to usr/share/pulseaudio/alsa-mixer/profile-sets/ with the udev setup like in the ubuntu thread. So now I can flip between the profiles and at least get at the different inputs and outputs. I still can’t quite get at the exact combo of routing like I want, but we’re getting there.

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The file copied from the folder used by pipewire is now included in PulseAudio v15.0