How to free space for the root partition with /boot/efi and swap partitions are inbetween Windows and root partitions?

I have a dual boot with Manjaro/Windows11 and I need to free space for the root filesystem. Here’s how my partitions look like:

Partition 9 is root, partition 10 is `/home.

I tried using GParted Live with a USB stick to free space from the Windows partition, but I realized my boot/efi and swap partitions are in the way between any unallocated space freed in the Windows partition and the root filesystem partition, so I’m not able to use the free space.

Is there a way to do this or should I just reinstall Manjaro?

You don’t need a partition for every file. :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a similar topic not long ago if you can find it.

As a general plan:

  • Backup your files. You are moving and resizing root to the left so it might go wrong
  • boot Win and shrink it from its volume manager. If you want to do snapshots/restore points of your manjaro, leave a bit more space this time. Think about the swap, and installation cache, and the logs too (+10 GB of what you initially planned). I would do 100GB if you can cut so much.
  • boot the live usb, delete the swap and ESP partition 7 (if the only thing you have there is manjaro boot loader, otherwise move it, and then read the guide how to recreate)
  • move the root to the left or resize to the left if it works
  • enlarge the root to the right, leave space for the ESP and swap, although you can also use swap file in the root if you want
  • recreate the ESP, restore GRUB an pray.

This sounds to complicated.

Why not shrink partition 3, move partitions 7, 8 and 9 to the left and then enlarge partition 9.

Of course @gabrielgcma needs to shut down Windows properly, so partition 3 can be shrunk. But swap portions can moved easily.

@gabrielgcma btw. partition 7 can’t be your ESP partition. Every drive can only contain 1 ESP partition. If you have multiple drives, each drive can have its own ESP partition, but only 1 per drive. You can mount partition 7 to /boot/efi but it is not your ESP. Partition 7 is probably useless.

Theoretically yes but in practice it depends on the uefi. I made a wild guess because 500MB FAT is not useful for many things - it is either created by the OP as a second ESP, or it is from the windows boot or Dell recovery. But the OP should know best.

I actually have a very similar setup with windows and 2 esps and some recovery, except that i have no separate /home and my root is 130 GB.

@xabbu @Teo thanks for the help guys.

As for partition 7, I did create it manually as it was advised in this topic which I followed religiously. So is it really useless or not?

I’ll follow @xabbu 's instructions first as it sounds easier and I’ll be back here with updates.

That’s not generally true, have a look in @linux-aarhus tutorial and here as well:

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Look, you need to move it one by one.

Move partition 7 to the left → Move partition 8 to the left. → Move partition 9 to the left. => Then grow partition 9 to the right.You can add all steps to the queue in gparted and then run them by “Apply”.

And as always: Do it on a live session, not on the booted local installation.

And alway resize windows from windows and make backupSEs :grinning:

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@Teo @megavolt @xabbu @Wollie @anon51566685
Thanks for the help guys. Moving partitions worked fine, nothing destroyed - so far.

And alway resize windows from windows and make backupSEs :grinning:

Out of curiosity, why is that? I resized Windows from GParted but Windows seems to be fine aswell.

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… because MS has a more decent way in adjusting the NTFS filesystem. Nevertheless, usually Gparted does it good enough to keep Windoze booting & working. I did it also with Gparted once and after some complains Windoze booted without further problems. Nevertheless, if possible always use the Windoze tool.

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