How to fix capability to install from AUR?

Previously I was able to install something from AUR. But now whenever I’m trying to install something I get nothing.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Octopi
  2. Switch to AUR by clicking on “alien” icon
  3. Search for “insync”
  4. Right-click on “insync” => context menu => “+ Install”
  5. (ERROR) Only reaction I get is this output in terminal, nothing else is happening:
    [sergeyk@sergey-pc ~]$ bash -c “echo ‘Press any key to continue…’”
    Press any key to continue…
    [sergeyk@sergey-pc ~]$

What do I do to fix this?

Attempt anything other than octopi and show output.
(maybe, for example, the manual way using makepkg?)

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Thanks for the tip! I was able to get insync installed using instructions that I’ve googled.
Sorry, somehow forum engine does not allow me to include URLs. I did git clone from aur_archlinux_org and used makepkg to install insync package.

But this did not solve the problem with installing through octopi. How to make it work through octopi?

@cscs, any other suggestions please? Octopi is still not behaving correctly – still have to install things manually which makes octopi quite useless.

Try removing and reinstalling octopi … make sure to axe anything left over in your HOME.