How to find out why a AUR package was installed?


what is the best way to find out why a package from AUR was installed? I only have the information if it was explicitly installed or as a dependency from another. but which other package was ist?

with “pactree PACKAGENAME” I just see the directions which packages are needed. I would need the other way round.


You can try pactree -r PACKAGENAME to see that. But it only works if it still depends on it.

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You can try finding that context in /var/log/pacman.log:

  • search for package name, the first occurrence should be when you had it installed
  • read around for the associated context
vi +$(grep -n -m1 <package_name> /var/log/pacman.log | cut -d: -f1) /var/log/pacman.log


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