How to find an error msg during pacman total system update (including Kernel update)?

When I was doing a regular total system update via pacman, it gave an error related to my Wifi card and update did not start.
my wifi card : Realtek RTL8852AE
I was using a package from

Before the installation started pacman gave error and stopped because of existing file
I deleted it and update completed.

I want to help the maintainer of the package but need to give him the error message
I looked at ; pacman.log using
cat pacman.log | grep '2022-11-15' | grep 'rtw89'

also searched the whole directory /var/log
grep 'rtw89' -r /var/log

but I could not find anything related to error message.
Is there a way to find that error ? so I can be helpful to maintainer to fix it.

You probably put that file there manually or by some other means.

One more thing: since this is an AUR package you couldn’t actually use pacman to update it.

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In this kind of case, you should first check whether the file is owned by another package.

pacman -Qo /usr/lib/firmware/rtw89/rtw8852b_fw.bin

i did not update the AUR package.
it was system update released by Manjaro with pacman .
the package was installed previously since the drivers for my wifi is not in the Kernel yet.
and yes I typically update the AUR packages thru pamac or gui version
but the error happened when I was doing the system update ; since it typically has a new Kernel; it removes wifi drivers I installed and I had reinstall it

but it is under the directory rtw89 and that is the package I use and it typically installs for different types Realtek wifi drivers and this rtw8852b is one of those.
there were some recent changes in package and probably those changes caused this.
and maintainer wants to know what exactly the error was so he can fix it.
I was wondering if I could recover that error from any log but looks like it is not possible
the error was something similar

error: could not prepare transaction
error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)
libname: /insert/file/name/here exists in filesystem

but it was not updating the package itself ; pacman was updating system and upgrading the Kernel
I guess the best I can tell him that it was an error of that sort

or the one tha @zbe has given

Thank you all …