[How To] Enhance laptop Battery life using the KDE GUI (Graphical user interface)

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

This tutorial covers the topic of increasing battery life in a laptop through the use of a GUI instead of CLI.

These settings are severe and can increase the battery life up to 2 hours at the cost of high performance, but your mileage might vary depending on your system configuration.

Use system’s default power management tools

  1. open energy saving
  2. now change the following
    a.go to “on battery” menu and check screen brightness and reduce it
    b. check on dim screen if inactive for certain amount or time
    c.also consider reducing the time your pc takes to sleep

Use slimbook battery

  1. Enable AUR in the pacman preferences

  2. now install slimbook battery from the package manager
  3. After installation search for slimbook battery preferences in the menu & hit enter
  4. After opening the slimbook preferences app start configuring the settings

    set working mode to energy saving
  5. Go to energy saving tag
    change cpu limit profile as maximum(Note this might reduce your system performance especially if you use you pc for heavy cpu usage tasks like gaming,file compression or video editing)
  6. Turn on the various power saving settings like wifi and sound power saving, you can even disable blue tooth services from here if you do not use it often enough
  7. Edit other tags like performance and balanced according to your needs if required or else leave them as default
    and then click OK

Other methods

  1. lower screen brightness
  2. turn off bluetooth if not in use
  3. quit apps that you are not using
  4. stop unnecessary apps from booting on startup
  5. turn of wifi if not in use, or if you use Ethernet cable instead

You went too further just to save battery. The settings you used will cause significant performance issues. For me just 6 hours of battery is enough. I would’nt do these only to save 1-1.5 hours in exchange for 50-60% less performance.

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my laptop gave me just 3hrs battery life so i had to do something so it lasted my entire online classes :sweat_smile: which last around 4:30hr

Sure, I guess people should only use it when they absolutely need it. I’ll try making a script to quickly change between these modes.


Using tlp along with auto-cpufreq gives good battery life in my system. No tinkering required, just install both the tools and start the services.

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That would be a great new tutorial!

Please read this first before you create one: