How to Enable Window Snapping to Side in 4.18

Before the update I would drag my windows to the side of the screen and it would fill that half of the screen, or the corner to fill that quadrant of the screen. This no longer happens, how can I re-enable in XFCE 4.18? Thanks

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There seems to be a new parameter “only snap if window is below that size” (or similar, because mine is in german :slight_smile: )
I had to increase this slider to enable snapping
XCFC-Menü / Anwendungen / Einstellungen / Einstellungen / Feineinstellungen der Fensterverwaltung / Platzierung / Kleinste Größe zur inteligenten Fensterplatzierung
Slider → weit nach rechts geschoben
:uk: (translated by google) :wink:
XCFC menu / Applications / Settings / Settings / Fine tuning of window management / Placement / Smallest size for intelligent window placement
Slider → pushed far to the right


If it involves moving windows across workspaces, maybe Issue #685 :person_shrugging:

It seems you can have “Window Manager Settings > Accessibility > Automatically snap windows on borders” or “Window Manager > Advanced Settings > Wrap around workspaces when dragging a window” but not both. Also setting one will disable the other without notification.

For whatever reason, the text is slightly different on my machine, but I verified this change in behavior on 4.16 to 4.18.

Let us know what you find out. I would be interested.

PS: If you can’t find a property, sometimes it helps to use the find textbox in the upper right-hand corner.

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