How to enable timeshift restore snapshots menu appear on grub like Garuda Linux?

I am a newbie to Manjaro and still learning from its awesome wiki.
I use a Manjaro KDE 21.0 and it is working fantastically . I have a timeshift rsync backup on my pendrive everytime I do a major update.
I want to know if there is a option to make the timeshift rsync restore options menu enabled directly on the GRUB menu, such that I can directly go to a restore point without any hassle. I have searched a solution by btrfs but I desperately need one for rsync since rsync can do a byte by byte restore.

Anyway, thanks to the Manjaro Team for this awesome distro.

As far as i know, this is working only if your root filesystem is in btrfs.
In this case, you have to install grub-btrfs (in the repo). Then, once you make a snapshot with Timeshift (or Snapper), it’s available within grub menu.

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Yes, that was the btrfs solution I was talking about, but I need one for rsync.

Garuda is only using btrfs.

I don’t think rsync can achieve a BTRFS specific feature.

So, you can’t

Garuda uses timeshift-autosnapAUR which supports both BTRFS and Rsync snapshots.

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  • Creates Timeshift snapshots with unique comment.
  • Deletes old snapshots which are created using this script.
  • Auto generates grub if grub-btrfs package is installed.
  • Can be manually executed by running timeshift-autosnap command with elevated privileges.
  • Autosnaphot can be temporarily skipped by setting SKIP_AUTOSNAP environment variable (e.g. sudo SKIP_AUTOSNAP= pacman -Syu)

…so, as i replied to the OP to his initial question, you can’t have new grub menu item if you are not in BTRFS. (third bullet point). The reason is grub-btrfs by itself.

Obviously, you can create a new snapshot anytime btrfs or not, but this was not the question here.