How to enable NTFS3?

Hello, just switched to NTFS3 and it’s working nice, still need more time to make conclusion but it’s already possible to say that it’s faster.

I think it worth to open another related discussion, I have a folder in the NTFS driver that was working perfectly fine with the driver NTFS-3g, with all proprieties read, write and execute ok for my user, but after enabling NTFS3 this folder became ready only and I won’t expect this behavior, I was expecting transparent permissions.

The issue was easily fixed with the command line $sudo chmod a+rwx -R folder, but when trying to changing permissions trough a GUI using dolphin I wasn’t able, all permissions were unable to be selected, see the picture below. Where is the issue?

To allow permissions to be changed trough a GUI, will dolphin needs to be run as administrator?

note1: System in this case is just a folder I created to save personal files, it’s not windows realated folder
note2: The screenshots were taken after chmod command, but even after it’s locked and can’t be changed, so the issue remain trough GUI.


It’s owned by root.

UUID=### /run/media/akya/backup ntfs3 defaults,umask=000,uid=1000,gid=1000,nofail 0 0
UUID=### /run/media/akya/dump ntfs3 defaults,umask=000,uid=1000,gid=1000,nofail 0 0

I am using nofail too as it doesn’t halt the boot if your ntfs partition is not clean. External drive in my case. Everything else is ext4

so, this is another reason for dolphin devs to enable root again.

With Linus Tech Tip complain boot, it may happen.

Another options might be:

  • hide permissions tab if you are not running dolphin as root
  • replace drop menus and check boxes by text window only, so user will understand that it’s only information and you can’t change it from dolphin.

I hope not, it’s likely to cause more bother. People already sudo rm without checking what they’re doing, imagine the damage that can be done using Dolphin as root!

They are still working on this, from time to time.

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There are Dolphin plugin for Administration Actions.

Also maybe read what I posted about the topic.

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Another think important to mention is: due to ready and write permissions change unexpectedly and considering we are using Dolphin regularly, when you try to copy/move a file or folder with keyboard short cut CTRL + C/X and then CTRL + V, the command simple do not execute and user do not receive any feedback, if you lost the permission to that folder witch is strange, it would be welcome to receive a warning message in the screen like: “you don’t have write permission to destination folder, consider change settings if you want to proceed with this action”.

Do nothing and not showing message feels like a bug.

Feedback is one of the must important feature while interacting with machines regardless command line or GUI.

Probably missing notification might happen even with different file systems in case you don’t have access to write, don’t know, just guessing based on current experience.


Is there a way to check witch is the current versions of NTFS3 driver version?

I’m making this questions because I’m facing some issue with current driver releases and I’d like to track the next releases.

i’m not sure what you want, but the ntfs3 is a kernel module. if you need module details;

modinfo ntfs3
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Thank you koshikas