How to enable dGPU under wayland in hybrid laptops?

How to enable discrete GPU under Wayland with hybrid graphics (Intel/Nvidia)?

I saw somewhere that all it takes is to use: DRI_PRIME=1 variable.

So I did:

DRI_PRIME=1 steam

Then checked which GPU and drivers Steam uses and… it turned out it is Nvidia after all, but… Nouveau

This isn’t good for newer games. Is there a way to enable Nvidia on proprietary drivers on Wayland?

inxi -Fazy
mhwd -l -d --pci

I think Optimus laptops with proprietary drivers are still unsupported in Wayland but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:


Oh right. You are correct. I forgot thats another point of joy from nvidia.

Ex, see :


There is some Kwin support for Nvidia and I enabled it, at least I think I did.
I added to .xprofile:


However, I’m not sure if this is even meant for hybrid intel/nvidia setups where Nvidia must be turned on separately.

I don’t use Wayland, because it’s painfully not ready for anything. It’s heavy, sluggish and above all, buggy as hell. It’s simply unusable. I was merely curious how hybrid GPUs support would work, because one of the main points why Wayland is needed and better over Xorg was that it can natively support hybrid GPUs. Of course that was early talk before the EGL streams and Nvidia bomb.

Anyway, everyone got silent about this and there is no clear info about state of hybrid grapics on Wayland. The fact that it sort of work and at least uses Noveau is something, but in overall still very disappointing, just like the whole Wayland.

I hoped that with some preliminary Gnome and Kwin support for Nvidia on Wayland, hybrid graphics should work too, since it was so strongly mentioned on the very beginning. And now nothing, radio silence. So what is Wayland developed for again? Better security? More modern structure (but what it brings, no idea)? What else? But I’m going off topic here.