How to edit PolKit or something so that Software only asks the password once?

Can I make it not ask the password again until I next start the Software? That is, once I entered the password, keep the super user privilege until I close the Software.

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See this

But i’ll suggest to really consider the suggestion from the comment bellow that.

That seems like disabling sudo password altogether by letting any user can install software. But what I wanted is keeping the privilege after I entered the password until I close the Software Store GUI. Is that kind of modification not possible without very complicated maybe system modification? In the terminal, if I type sudo and the password, it never seems to ask the password again for subsequent sudos until I close the terminal.

Hi @kingofmanjar0,

That isn’t per-session, that sudo timeout is a length of time, which can be configured.

Unfortunately, according to this page on StackExchange there doesn’t seem to be this kind of functionality in Polkit (yet):

…there are currently no provisions for changing it without recompiling the appropriate parts of PolicyKit.


So, “5 minutes” is hard-coded and there is no concept of maintaining once-gotten sudo privilege until the process ends? Oh well, if there is no way. But this seems dumb. I had to type the same sudo password like 10 times within one hour or so to repeat the same process (installing an app, testing it for a few minutes, uninstalling it) in Software Store.

There should be some balance between security and convenience. When a rule is too strict to bear, there often are adverse effects, because people tend to find a workaround. In this case, I would have to resort to not requiring password (as the other person suggested) than typing the same password 10 times, but it is probably a lot less secure than what I am willing to do: typing the password once until I close the Software Store.

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