How to downgrade Gnome?

Hello everyone. I’ve just realized I updated Gnome somehow, when I was installing gimp. I’ve just checked everything, “ok ok acccept” and I am not so happy about it. Installed downgrade but it cannot downgrade Gnome. Are there any other solutions?

Yes. KDE Plasma.

For a core component like the gnome shell rolling back with downgrade you would have to add more then just the shell, in fact so much that it would lead to other issues to be unhappy about.

The rolling release model and the upstream decisions force these changes, so one must learn to embrace and work with the flow.

Before clicking accept when updates arrive reading the #announcements:stable-updates threads prepares you for the things to come.

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Check the pacman log to see which packages were upgraded. Then search your pacman cache for the previous version of all those packages and install them with pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/{package1,package2,…}. You need to put them all in one command to avoid dependency issues.

For the future, if reverting an update is something you wish to do, consider using snapshots with timeshift or something.

Oh yes, and the obligatory “this is a bad idea to do in a rolling release, partial updates are not supported” warning.