How to downgrade AUR packages by pamac?

I opened the setting “enable downgrading” in pamac.

But I want to know if AUR packages can be downgraded as well.

Also, I never found a downgrade button on pamac and I do not know how to downgrade packages.

Due to the update of grpc is sometimes too slow on testing branch my qv2ray-dev-git will break dependencies, I am founding a solution better than switching to unstable branch.

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If the version on the server is older than your currently installed package, it will be downgraded to the repo version.

(And with older, I mean a lower version number)

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so can I manually downgrade official or AUR packages?

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No. Its automatic if the maintainer decides the version needs to be downgraded.

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Arch package are usually stable - and there is no better solution if you want to run on Arch package level - which I have done for more than 5 years - no major incidents.

AUR packages can be rebuilt to any given point in time - suffice you know which tag or commit you need to revert to.

But downgrading is generally a bad decision - it should only be used in very specific cases.


you can modify PKGBUILD file and build the package manually

not with Pamac

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