How to do a not full install?

I have a spare lower end laptop with a small hard drive.

I’d like to do a Manjaro install but there’s a lot of add-ons/software that I don’t want/need like only-office/libreoffice, vlc, tlp, gimp…

Is there a way of selecting what gets installed?


No - there is no such option - yet - perhaps it is coming.

The best way to bring such system up is by hand.

You can use the minimal version ISO and start from there.

You can use manjaro-architect which is within the regular ISOs I believe, and do a custom installation with it. Or just use the minimal ISO and uninstall the ones that you don’t want to use.

  1. I did try architect about a year ago and had problems.
  2. I’ll try the minimal and trim down from there.


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