How to do a fresh installation with the latest BTRFS version currently available?

I saw there is no 5.12 or 5.13-RC Manjaro KDE ISO images (of any branch) available to download currently. The latest kernel is 5.10 only (Manjaro - KDE Plasma).

But I want to do a fresh install using latest BTRFS features and fixes, which came count in tens items with every new minor kernel version (5.11.x, 5.12.x, 5.13.x-RC) (btrfs Wiki)

Could I use latest image w/ latest (5.10 currently) kernel to get my target idea by doing the following:

  1. to boot liveCD.
  2. than to update btrfs-progs package (and it’s dependencies).
  3. and only than to start the installer to install Manjaro OS with BTRFS filesystem?

Why to update a package while liveCD session?
Wanna be on currently latest (fixed, full featured) avail. BTRFS file system version.
Do not want to use older version at the most critical moment of file system creation (of currently actively (comparing to Ext4 (Ext4)) developing file system): older version could create older/obsolete (by nowadays and further version) format structures/objects/attrs and could be more buggy.

What can anybody suggest on that possible way to reach the idea of to use latest BTRFS version while fresh installation?

Find a way better? Describe and argument why, please.

Thanks to all!

The on-disk format of btrfs has been stable for years. You’ll be fine using them latest stable ISO to install.

hm… What exactly is there a “must-have” feature or fix which is not available at kernel 5.10? I use also btrfs and it is quite stable. no problems. I also use 2 disks in Raid0 mode with btrfs.

So, what are the real benefits of switching to higher versions and do they justify an early switch?

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