How to disable "Phoneshell Notifications" on PinePhone ? (Manjaro Phosh Beta 2)

I have this very annoying thing happening all the time, when i want to open a photo (for instance) for my Telegram profile Manjaro gives me a load of Phoenshell notifications.
it is on top of the screen and it is in the way very badly!
Does anybody have a way to fix that?
thank you in advance!

Ps. I had the same thing with the Pinephone factory version of Manjaro and every other one i installed so far.

What kind of notifications is it?
Is the notifications from Telegram? Or from Phosh?

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It says Phone shell… it is not from Telegram, it happens with everything. It is only when i want to get a file like a photo to use as profile pic, in every app or website.
And it keeps on going, cant do anything because it is in the way.

I can confirm I have the same issue. It also happens when openning the Calendar app

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It is so annoying, i still haven’t found a solution. And i just feel it in my guts that it is something very simple… extra frustrating lol