How to disable monitor mode and return to managed mode?

After enabling the monitor mode using airmon-ng start wlp2s0 (as root), I’m unable to disable it and return back to managed mode.

I’ve tried the following (as root):

ifconfig wlp2s0mon down
iwconfig wlp2s0mon mode managed
ifconfig wlp2s0mon up

But when I checked using ifconfig , wlp2s0 was still showing up as wlp2s0mon , which means it was still in monitor mode.

(Finally, I had to reboot to turn monitor mode off)

Or you could have run airmon-ng stop wlp2s0 to stop it I guess.
You should try it next time, just to make sure. :slight_smile:

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To disable monitor mode and go back to managed mode, I ran the following:

sudo airmon-ng stop wlp2s0mon

Note: Use mon after the name of the wireless network interface card (since it’s in monitoring mode), else it’ll not work.

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