How to disable Manjaro website popping up when starting up Firefox?



Some time ago, whenever I open Firefox, a new tab with “” website pops up. I don’t see any way to disable it in settings and I don’t remember enabling it myself… How to disable it?


Go to about:config Search for “browser.startup.homepage” (without quotes) Change “browser.startup.homepage” to “about:home” (without quotes) Right click on “browser.startup.homepage_override.buildID” and “browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone” and click reset (without quotes) There you have it.

you may also want to remove the manjaro-browser-setting from your system


maybe try in about:config:

I thought there was a tick box somewhere in preferences… use to be?


How about Edit/Preferences/Home/Homepage and new windows? Delete it from there or add your own.


but i have Edit/Preferences/Home/Homepage and new tabs Then choices blank page etc.
I knew it was somewhere Thanks Hipster.



but nice in FF-dev



I remove the package manjaro-browser-settings on every fresh install. This does the job for me but also removes the manjaro bookmarks.