How to disable icedtea?

i had to install IcedTea,but i don’t use it most of the time.
i’d like to temporarily disable it and activate it when needed.
i looked in Firefox extensions and add-ons section but it doesn’t appear there.
and i couldn’t find any option to do so in the icedTea-Web control panel.

For what?

That’s because NPAPI plugin support was dropped a long time ago.

some exams from cisco that involves/needs to open Packet tracer.

but it seems to be working for what i need and it runs fine.

so any idea on how to temporarily disable it?

Why? Is it running in the background? Either you need it or you don’t.

i need it only when doing those exams(once in a while),
but for security reasons/concerns, I’d like to have it disabled for the rest of the time.


i just checked in ksysguard and Htop,and it shows that Packet tracer is still running even though i ended the exam,closed PT and cleared all FF history,cache etc. and closed it(and it consumes quit a lot of ram:around 200mb).

Well, uninstall it and only keep it installed when needed.

i removed it,
i’ll do what i need in a VM.