How to diagnose a crash?

My Ryzen 7 1700 desktop is crashing. It just happened, and rebooted. Sometimes the computer just freezes, and only holding down the power button will shut it down. I think it may be due to a bad video card, and I have a replacement on the way. How can I determine if anything happened just before the crash? I’m not very familiar with Arch/Systemd diagnostic tools.

Which DE are you using?
How much ram do you have? Did you opened too many applications or browser tabs during crashes?

Well there is ways to get into.
Note; I should be sleeping now.

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XFCE. I have 16GB RAM and only 3GB is in use. I have 19 Chromium tabs open.

I noticed a lot of messages in journalctl regarding my PIA VPN, so I disabled it and rebooted. I’ll see if that helps.

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It crashed again. A hard freeze in Chromium while I was out of the room. After shutdown and reboot, journalctl showed nothing abnormal at the time of the crash - just normal network traffic.

I received the replacement graphics card and installed it yesterday. So far, it seems to have eliminated all the problems I was experiencing.

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