How to delete "document link" choices (controls which software to use when opening a document) on Manjaro 20.1?

I installed VS code via debtap twice before and now I changed to visual-studio-code-bin, I have uninstalled the two old ones.

but when I open a file via VS code it will show me three VScodes:

Can I delete them all at once? There are too many files connected to VS code.

PS: how to delete all the leftovers when uninstalling a software installed by debtap?

This is probably due to leftover configuration files under ~/.config and/or ~/.local, and files under ~/.cache.

I don’t know what debtap is ─ from the name, I presume that it’s a tool or method for installing Debian packages in Arch-based distributions ─ but the same applies here as above, i.e. check for stale configuration files and cache files in your $HOME directory, and remove them.

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Right-click on the file, select properties, then filetype options. Then select the ones you don’t want and delete them.

I know this but I said that I have to do this so many times that I chose re-installing Manjaro.

“Can I delete them all at once? There are too many files connected to VS code.”

You should only have to do it per each filetype. Another way is to right-click a file and use open with, selecting “Always use this application in the future” below (or something similar).

Some extensions leave leftovers all over place.

For example Vim plugin has it’s own folder at $HOME.

But they are mostly harmless anyway.

Yes, cleaning the cache and rebooting could help.