How to deal with an AUR package not updated / old version

Trying to get my feet wet with Manjaro to see if it is any better than Kubuntu. Already encountered a problem similar to Kubuntu. To be specific to my case (but I seek a general solution):

In AUR the package hamlib-git hasn’t been updated since 2018. A total of 36 other packages require this, so it is quite an important library. There is a more updated version called hamlib-git-python3 but that breaks at least a couple of the 36 packages that depend on it. This is basically the dependency hell that DEB based systems have, so in the end you just end up compiling everything from source yourself.

So how do I go about this? What is the best route to get a package updated in AUR without breaking the whole system? Still install from source? Write my own AUR entries? Maybe another way?

Hope to hear suggestions and work-arounds. Cheers!

Hans - BX2ABT

Well the source of the package is still up to date.

The Aur hasn’t been updated.

A git package always pulls the source from git - which will make it up-to-date no matter when you build it - what matters is the github repo.

But do you have any problem with the package? “-git” packages are a little bit special as they don’t follow a certain version of the software. Instead the build the master branch of the git repo. So if I install it now (as I just did), it will install the most updated version of the software. The only downside is that, if the AUR package does not update its version, you have to remember to reinstall yourself to get the updated version of the software.

If there is something you want to change from the package, you can always build it locally (making the necessary changes) or make your own AUR package.

Checking for “development package” updates will allow updates on *-git packages which are built from the latest source code to also be updated.

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They require hamlib available in the community repo, not specifically the hamlib-git AUR package.

Foo in the AUR is outdated; what should I do?

In this case, leave a comment on the AUR page letting the maintainer know the PKGBUILD needs to be updated for Python 3.