How to dd from sdcard to eMMc?


I've installed Manjaro ARM on SD card to toy around and I really like it, so i'd like to dump it on the main memory of Pinebook Pro. I've tried to dd from mm...1p1(Manjaro ARM SD partition) to mm....2p2(eMMC). On the upside, I've managed not to destroy the bootloader and I can still boot from SD. However, after i pull the SD out, the laptop doesn't boot(black screen with backlight appears).

What's the correct way of flashing it? I could use the installer, but I don't feel like configuring the desktop etc. again.

Don't DD partitions. DD entire drives.
So like /dev/mmcblk1 and /dev/mmcblk2.

Won't I damage the bootloader that way?

Not sure what you mean? You want Manjaro on the EMMC, that's how it gets on the eMMC, would be the same if you took out the eMMC card and used the Manjaro ARM Installer to do it, or if you use the eMMC flasher image.

Manjaro supplies a uboot for it.

OK, thank you!
I didn't know about the uboot, and I've read some posts about people making the devices hardly bootable while messing with the eMMC: )


Like @BaronPampa I also installed Manjaro to an SD and I would like to move it to the emmc, is it possible to transfer everything that I have on my SD to the emmc? Or I would lose all my documents during the proccess.

My SD is bigger than the emmc, I read in another post here that you can only dd when your sd is smaller than the emmc. So I'm out of options and I'll have to start everything from scratch? (The contents of my SD card are not bigger than the emmc)

Thanks in advance.

I think you could try to backup as much as you can, e.g. on another SD card, then resize the partition on your SD card to size smaller than eMMc has, and then dd to the eMMc. Please find some other confirmation of this, since I'm not absolutely sure.

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