How to create btrfs subvolume @home on different partition after installation to provide timeshift supported layout

hi everyone, i have some problem on btrfs, i have install manjaro gnome with calamares on btrfs partition with separate home partition like thisimage ,

but when i check subvolumes there is only @ subvolume without @home like above
and when i google timeshift need subvolume @ and @home to works
so my question is how to create subvolume @home when the partition is separated and manjaro already installed, did i have to reinstall using only boot and root partition?

just figure it out, first go use live boot, and mount the home partition, create directory for mounting the partition in my case i create /mnt/btrfs directory and the partition is /dev/sda3, after that create subvolume with “btrfs subvolume create /mnt/btrfs/@home

then copy all directory of home to @home “cp -r /mnt/btrfs//* /mnt/btrfs/@home” then edit your fstab add subvol=@home on /dev/sda3/ reboot then after login screen shows, go to terminal tty, login as root, “chown . -R /home/” to make folder home accessible by your user, done now you can user timeshift with @home include


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