How to create bootable USB in ARM?

I’m new to manjaro and I can’t seem to find a GUI app to create a bootable USB. I want to be able to flash images to my pinephone via the raspberry pi 4. I tried to build the etcher-git in aur repository and it fails. Its possible I’m not doing it correctly as I am new to arch. Is there a different app that can be used on aarch64 or can someone walk me through building etcher on aarch64?

on AUR there is imagewritter you need to edit the pkgbuild to add aarch64 in the arch array…
I will try to ask the maintener to add it by default…

after install you will find it under “SUSE Studio imagewritter” it’s the software I usually use on my normal laptop as it’s in manjaro x86_64 repos and I never had any issue with it.

ps: I just tested to build it and lunch it on my pinebook pro… it works after adding aarch64. (I did not try to actually write an iso…) and it’s a small program so it does not take more than 2min to build…

edit2: he just added aarch64 in the supported architecture… he was fast… arch/manjaro are just great :wink:

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Thank you for the quick response and for the rapid updates. I will have to try this tonight.

Might want to avoid any potential conflicts after burning the image and not mounting it to see what is on it. Your RPi I know for sure the boot and root partitions LABEL name BOOT_MNJRO and ROOT_MNJRO and the pinephone will have ROOT_MNJRO for sure but I do not know if it has a boot partition.

maybe the arm team would accept to add and maintain imagewritter in the repos?
as it’s maintained by @philm already for x86_64 and it does not need anything else than aarch64 in the architecture… and it’s a mature software without much change since years… so it won’t need so much works if it’s dependencies update and rebuild. (mainly qt5) last build on x86_64 was in 2017 and it still works fine… :wink:

I have no issue with that. I will build and put in the unstable branch today for people to test. I am building the new RPi kernels right now to test and push; so will be after that.

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imagewriter 1.10.1432200249.1d253d9-14 is now in the unstable branch for people to test.

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This app doesn’t appear to be working. I have to reload it twice to make it write on pbpro. Then when it is completed the writing process, I’m not seeing any partitions put in place on USB.

Testing fedora media writer. So far appears to be working on aarch64

:: I can confirm that it works great! You can find it in aur repositories

If you want to install manjaro arm on a usb3 hdd/ssd just follow the reg directions for sdcard but choose your usb3 drive. All I did. I put uboot on sd(x) for my N2+. Petitboot picks it right up.

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