How to create a PKBUILD from a .deb file?


I spent some time searching for a tutorial on google, but I can’t find anything easy to make a PKBUILD. How can I create a PKBUILD and install it, using this .deb file Releases · terra-money/station · GitHub . AUR doesn’t have this package,

there are many aur packages with deb (*-bin)
a .deb is only an archive so nothing special compared to another archive format (as tar.gz)
.deb files are compiled, so only extract files (with tar) for copy some in pkg dir

You should probably look in the place this (PKGBUILD) comes from and is documented best:
the Arch Wiki.

Many PKGBUILD’s use .deb or .rpm packages. - Many examples to look at …

These are just archive formats - and the PKGBUILD is what contains the instructions on how to unpack them and where to put the contents so they can work on Arch (or Manjaro) and the package manager can keep track of them.

Here’s a couple of examples, one of my pkgbuilds and one that I revisioned yesterday