How to copy files on an old IBM Mainframe Computer

Back when I was a kid, and dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, the only silicon we had were rocks, and we had to bang them together, I used to be an IBM Mainframe Operator and here is a video on how we used to copy files:

Copying punchcards

Yup! Copying punchcards! Think about that next time when you're waiting for a VM to be copied over ssh and it's taking too long...

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My Mother used punchcards and card duplicators too when she worked for Polyfilla and latterly tapes when she worked for ICL. I blame her for my interest in IT :crazy_face:

I'm as old as your mum? Holy smokes!

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Strong possibility, sorry to make you feel old I guess :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Main problem with punch cards was dropping your stack and having to resort them...not that I was ever so clumsy. I only ever used them when it would take an hour or two to compile a fairly simple COBOL program on a terminal. Punch cards had system priority so it was by far faster to use them rather than wait until past midnight to get my homework done... of course I never told anyone else... that would have ruined the advantage. Best is if you could snag one of the 9600 baud terminals up at the computer center...though I also did work from home with my TRS-80 and my 300 baud modem and a pizza.

Rubber bands... Lots of rubber bands helped! Good quality ones back then too!


Too high tech for us poor students :wink:. Actually I did use them probably why I never dropped my cards but I've seen it done.

Just remembered a law of computing: those who don't secure their punch cards are doomed to drop them. Pretty sure that was taught in one of my CS classes.

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