How to copy/backup folders from broken linux system

My system got messed up after an ongoing update was interrupted due to powercut and is not booting even after trying many fixes.

I decided to do fresh installation of manjaro.

I can access my files booting through LIVE USB.
I was hoping if there is a way I can backup/copy files and folders(for eg. installed icon pack, themes, /home, /opt) so that i can put them back after new installation and save myself from configuring it again.
i’m new to the linux

You can use rsync to do that, just use the right flags to user the same permissions after the copy
rsync -avh -progress -stats /path/in /path/off
I think this would do it but check if you need to edit the flags

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hello… thanks for replying :slight_smile:
btw do i need to chroot first or i can just enter this in the terminal after booting from live usb?

No need to chroot, just make sure the il and off partition are mounted

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