How to connect to wifi in i3

Hello there,

I’ve just installed Manjaro with i3 on a Raspberry Pi 400, but I don’t manage to connect to the internet.

I don’t see any WIFI networks listed, not sure if that’s normal.

I get to the dialog where I can enter the details, like SSID etc. There I enter the name of the WIFI as SSID and then the password under the WiFI Security tab, but nothing happens.

I have also tried with sway but I have the same problem. Please help.

Thanks in advance.
Cheers, Manuel

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I’ve changed the category to #arm:technical-assistance since this is likely a platform issue instead of a WM issue. If you feel that is not correct please change it back to #support:i3wm.

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Hey, if you enter nmtui in the terminal it should give you a console UI to connect to wifi networks it can find nearby… On sway you can easily click on the Not connected string in the top-bar, which should open the TUI application on your behalf…

2020.12 have wifi auto scan, 202102 not.

Thanks everyone for your replies

I think running nmtui or clicking on “Disconnected” opens the dialog I mentioned, where I try to create a new “Wi-Fi connection 1”, where I enter the name of the wifi network in the SSID field and the password under security as WPA & WPA2 Personal.

When I press Ok, nothing happens. I still see Disconnected, it doesn’t see to search for networks or connect.

I have also tried with

sudo nmcli r wifi on
sudo nmcli dev wifi
sudo nmcli dev wifi connect "SSID" password "PASSWORD"

but then I get “Error: No Wi-Fi device found”.

Any other tips? Thanks in advance.
Cheers, Manuel