How to clone manjaro from sdd to nvme m.2

Currently I am having my 500gb ssd in which manjaro is installed(Boot drive only) and I am planning to shift to nvme m.2 ssd so I want to clone all the manjaro to m.2 ssd

In Windows it was quiet easy to clone or to shift your operating system from on drive to another drive using third-party softwares
I have heard of Clonezilla(any other software then let me know…) but I am little worried using it
I am new to linux so anyone hear to help me out?
I don’t want to break my existing manjaro setup and don’t want to do the fresh installation setup

Personally i prefer clean install based on the packages i already had installed, and just use after the old /home by carefully migrating the content from it.
Maybe this will help you clone it the way you want: