How to change window button style lies in the up right cornor, including minimize, maximize and close button

In Manjaro 18.0.4,Window buttons are like this, pay attention to the minmize, maximize and close button

While in 18.1.4, these buttons changes

So is there some way to change button style in 18.1.4 to 18.0.4?

I really appreciate it if some one could help

While in 18.1.4, these buttons changes to this style:

I would like to change the style to 18.0.4 version, Is there any solution?


Its called a theme.
Specifically in this case window decoration.

I am not entirely sure .. but the first one looks like it might be adapta or adaptabreath
(if it is adapta .. you might not want to use it as it was discontinued and may cause bugs)

You can change this from within System Settings.
You may also need to install the theme in order to make it available.
[use your favorite method - such as pamac, octopi, etc]

Got it. I'll try it. Thanks a lot :smile:

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