How to change TTY colors?

Im trying to change the colors of the tty, not the terminal emulators like Konsole but the actual terminals (Ctrl+Alt+F2 - F6). I know it somehow can be changed because when installing arch linux, everything is grey, but manjaro by default has bright green in areas which means somwhere its been changed.

Does anyone know how to set these colors? Ive tried looking at a few different posts but cant find the info for this exact thing. Mostly stuff on Setterm but that doesnt change the actual text colors. The main thing i want to change is the prefix part [user@machinename ~]$ from bright green to grey and change the regular text from grey to cyan. Or if i want vise versa.

Thanks in advance!

That is the shell prompt
configured in /etc/bash.bashrc
or in the equivalent ~/.bashrc in your $HOME directory

these numbers there define coulor and bold, how the prompt looks and such

it’s a similar location for zsh