How to change theme in Manjaro?

I am not using kde plasma, just manjaro distro, and I don’t see the Tweak app or anything that allows me to change my theme, can anyone help? thank you ~

The “Manjaro distro” comes with a large number of desktop environments. If you’re not using KDE Plasma, then which one are you using?

you must be using some desktop env or window manager

I’m pretty new to manjaro, but I’ve used arch before, so I do understand you need to install a desktop env to have a visual desktop.
But this manjaro distro I just downloaded from the official website and installed it, which comes with a desktop env by default, and now I want to change / tweak it a little bit.

Which desktop environment? There are three official editions on the download page, and links to several more community editions.

Yeah, I downloaded the first one

Xfce or Gnome?

“First one” Sounds like Xfce to me.

That’s XFCE. (Thread moved accordingly.)


ok. so how do I make change to the theme

this will help you →


In this case, according to:

You simply do not need one, XFCE is very customizable by default, you can do anything the tweak tools can do, right from the system settings.

You can change theme and icons through SettingsAppearance and window borders through SettingsWindow Manager.

This link will give good detail on changing the various theme components.

Hope it helps!


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