How to change the default background and gtk theme of GDM login screen under Gnome 3.36 ?

Hi everybody,

before, I used the Loginized software who do the job. But now with Gnome 3.36, this software seems to be obsolete (see that information in the Loginized github).


As from Gnome 3.36 onwards ( this app might have become obsolete and most likely will not function the way expected due the major changes they introduced with the new release. So be cautious when using the app.

So I have to find another way (probably manual) to change the default background and also the default gtk-theme of the login screen. But I don't know how to do it ? Must I use dconf editor ? Must I modify a file but which one ?

If you have an idea on that question, I'll take it.



I think this might be of help:

It is indeed as complicated as described in @kresimir 's link.

When I was testing out gome/gdm a while ago I was shocked when I learned about that. How can a developer make it so complicated to change the background image for a login manager. Unbelievable.

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Thanks. I will have a look. :wink:

@mbod: Yes you are right. I don't know why they don't find a way to allow users to easily change this item. As I said, Loginized did the job.

Because Gnome is lockin like macOS :slight_smile: reason I like it!

Fortunately there are the gnome extensions otherwise Gnome would be unusable.

@all: I see that manjaro have his own gdm theme (manjaro-gdm-theme package). Is it possible to create his own Gdm theme for Manjaro ? Is there a tutorial who explain how to do it ?


In short: Gnome doesn't what it's users to change anything except of the wallpaper. The DE is designed for corporate workspaces. Sure there are exceptions, but most of them are one man shows. It will take a while until they adopt to the current version. There are reasons why changing a background is hard to do.

Our theme is most likely stock with some branding.

I have news from the dev of the Loginized software. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the new disclaimer


As from Gnome 3.36 onwards ( some of the     
functionality might not work as expected. One of them might be the possibility to change the shield 
and I might as well remove this feature from further releases to come. However below is my test 
results with latest gnome-shell.

* Tested with Manjaro 19.0.2 version having all updates from upstream using gnome-shell version
   * Background image changing does work.
   * Theme changing does work.

So it seems to work under Manjaro only. I will have a look.

News from March 30 2020: Loginized 1.4.0 from AUR works. The background image changing works. Theme changing doesn't work for all themes (The 'Default' option is ok).

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