[How to] change settings in Cheese Webcam Booth

It has been reported in Manjaro Forums that Cheese has no option to change its settings in non-GNOME DEs. Even GTK based DEs like XFCE and Cinnamon are affected.

This has been reported upstream, and someone sent a pull request with a patch. However, the patch has not been accepted despite users verifying that it fixes the issue.


  1. AUR package to enable CSD menu in Cheese
    I have made an AUR package incorporating the patch, and I have tested that it works in Manjaro Cinnamon.
pamac install cheese-csd-headerbar

(This is my first AUR, any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks to all the people who helped to create it)

  1. Using dconf-editor to change settings (without AUR)
    Install dconf-editor. Open configuration settings for org/gnome/cheese and change settings appropriately.
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Ubuntu has already implemented this patch because the upstream developers did not respond to the pull request.

Is there a way to propose a patch in Arch/Manjaro repositories when the upstream do not seem to be interested to accept a patch?