How to change NEMO upload preview settings in cinnamon?

Hello! I've been using linux for a while, but one of the things I'm having trouble with is NEMO file manager from cinnamon edition has a setting I feel is missing. The picture below is what used to be working on my linux mint edition, but when I switched to manjaro, I have the top picture preview

This is what I currently have!

In other viewers and on my mint machine, there is a picture previewer in the upload dialogue that is present when uploading image files to firefox if I recall correctly.

If there is a way to get the photo previewer on the upload dialogue I would love to hear how to fix it, or at least know if it's possible.

Edit: This functions correctly for firefox, but not for discord. If there is a reason for this discrepancy, please let me know!


Since I can only post one image, this is what I'm trying to get mine to look like (this photo was found just as an example of what I'm looking for my upload dialogue to do)

If i get this correctly, you are looking for something like this:

This days the Nautilus File Manager uses the nemo-preview. You just press Space for a bigger preview of the file.

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Thank you very much. Ill consider this closed now. I have another issue, but it's separate from this one.

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