How to change menu-box for Gnome notification center?

Curious question here! Currently using Gnome 32.2.1, and I use the extension OpenWeather which lets you adjust the position of the menu-box from 0 - 100 when you click on the extension in the top bar, and I personally love that I can change the relative position to be more to the left, center or right. I like things centered, so I've changed the default for the extension to open in the center of my screen.

However, and here's where my question finally comes in, but is there a way I can edit/change the menu-box position for when I click on the clock/date in the top bar and have the date and time so I can center them as well. Right now, I have the date/time and the weather extension next to each other in the top bar, so one is centered when I click it, and the notification one is off and too the left and I'm wondering if there's a css or javascript file or something I could maybe edit to change the menu-box value? All I really want to do is just move the gnome notification a few values to the center to make it appear more centered when I click it. Thanks for listening and any help would be much appreciated!

Below is some screen shots to try to illustrate what I mean:

Have you tried the "Panel OSD" extension? Link I use the Dash to Panel extension, so I do not have a top bar. It allowed me to move notifications to the lower right of my screen.

Yeah I get what you're saying, I know about Panel OSD, but that only changes notifications which is different from from I want to change (if possible) which is the notification center, what you see when you click on the date/time in the topbar panel. Sadly, that does not help for what I am looking for, but thanks for the input!